The days are getting longer, the daffodils are up and the lambs are wagging their tails.  It can only mean one thing for gardeners out there… sore back season!

Each spring we are busy in the Massage at MiGym clinic helping gardeners with the aftermath of spring fever. Keen gardeners spring into action and their poor hibernating muscles are not ready for the extra demands. We've all done it, day 1 of gardening hits and we go NUTS because we are loving being out there! Then the next day it all hits, and you struggle to get low enough to tie your shoelaces... 


Some things to keep in mind to help look after your back

Warm up- Just as you would in the gym or going for a run, spend a bit of time easing into your gardening tasks. Get the blood flowing and move your body through a range of positions before getting lost in the digging, planting and mowing.

Take regular breaks - Repeated and prolonged bending can put a strain on your back. Don’t get stuck in any one posture for too long to give your joints and muscles a break. 

Watch the time - While we love to get lost in the garden and forget about the time, 3 hours can very quickly pass, and you've been bending over for most of that! Start with short bursts, then increase these as your body gets used to the gardening demands again.

Lifting – Find someone to help you lift heavy or large objects and use a wheelbarrow.  Sometimes it is just the awkward nature of the loads you are carrying rather than the weight alone that causes the trouble.

Resting postures- Don’t be a slouch after your day in the garden.  This can put an extra strain on your already tired muscles and joints.

Keep fit – keeping fit and strong is the best method for preventing a sore back.  Talk to your trainer about adjusting your training programme to meet the extra demands of the season.


Don’t forget the sauna is there to help ease away the aches and pains as well.  Free for members and $15 for non-members.

But if you do over-do it, just  book yourself an appointment online at or call reception on 03 5390116.