Tension headaches, what can you do?

Learn a few self help tips to deal with tension headaches, and relieve yourself of pain!

Booked out, Booked out!

We know our Massage Therapists are good, but the problem is it's now hard to get a spot!

Look after your body while Spring gardening!

The garden has been hibernating for winter, and so have many of us gardeners! Read these simple tips to help protect your back, while still fullfiling your spring gardening fever.

Your dad deserves a Massage Voucher this Fathers Day!

Forget the socks and undies this year, let's give your Dad something he needs, and will really appreciate.

Mums need massage

You're a mum? You need a massage! Put yourself first, just for one hour.

Create your own holiday, whether you leave town or not

Some are lucky enough to have a winter holiday planned, to relax and destress. If that's not you, don't worry! You can create your own holiday, at home.

Massage therapy that wont break the bank!

Our highly skilled massage therapists are here to help you, at a price you can afford.

Desk stretches, last one

Here's a lovely stretch for your upper back, getting into those niggly spots between your shoulder blades. Take the time to do a stretch now, just 60 seconds!