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Hot Stone Massage at Massage @ Migym in Nelson

Hot stone massage is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic therapy which incorporates heated basalt stones into a massage session. The basalt stones have a high iron content which allows them to store heat for longer which helps the superficial muscle tissue to relax allowing the therapist access to the deeper muscle tissue underneath. 

The stones are placed in a sanitized hot water bath to heat up and are then used with a base oil to massage the body in slow, soothing strokes. The stones are also placed on specific trigger points for several minutes to allow the heat to penetrate deep within the muscle tissue.  

A hot stone massage treatment will help to ease stiff and sore muscles, melting away pain and tension and increasing circulation and joint flexibility. The hot stone techniques also have a sedative effect on the body, inducing a state of deep relaxation which can help to reduce chronic pain, stress and tension.

Hot Stone Massage is $95 for 1 & ¼ hours. 

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Christele Gardys, hot stone massage therapist in Nelson

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