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Pregnancy Massage at Massage @ Migym in Nelson

Carrying a baby for nine months can exert a huge amount of strain and tension upon the body, let alone wreak havoc upon the emotions. Massage Therapy can be a highly effective treatment option to help support you throughout your pregnancy and labour, as well as helping you cope with the joys (and stresses) of Motherhood.


  • Reduces pain, tension and muscular imbalances associated with carrying a child
  • Enhances the health of Mother and Baby by beneficially affecting all the major systems of the body and increasing circulation of nutrients
  • Induces a state of deep relaxation to aid with the stresses and strains of pregnancy and Motherhood
  • Helps to reduce swelling associated with Pregnancy by increasing the circulation to move the lymphatic fluid build up
  • Decreases the stress hormone Cortisol in the body, known to cross over the placenta to baby in utero
  • Increases the love hormone Oxytocin in the body, needed for a healthy and quick labour
  • Helps to improve broken sleep patterns and alleviate depression associated with pregnancy and the post-natal period
  • Encourages deep breathing, stress relief and cultivates the mind-body connection, helpful during labour

Pregnancy Massage is $45 for half hour, $75 for 1 hour.

Pregnancy Massage at Massage @ Migym in Nelson is offered by:

Steff Willmore - massage therapist in Nelson - Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Holistic Pulsing

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