Relaxation Massage at Massage at MiGym in Nelson

Relaxation Massage at Massage @ Migym Nelson

What is a Relaxation Massage?

Unlike other massages that focus on alleviating pain and correcting injury, relaxation massages are about soothing, resting and putting the body and mind at ease. While corrective massage therapies often focus on an area that is experiencing discomfort, a relaxation massage will generally see the massage therapist paying attention to the entire body.

This type of massage can be customized to suit your specific wants, targeting different areas of the body like the back, legs, arms and neck. It may not be a massage suited to working out adhesions or other tension within the body, but a relaxation massage does have its own set of health benefits. By stimulating blood flow, easing the body after exercise and encouraging well being, relaxation massage fits into the holistic approach to pain and stress relief.

Specifically designed to help your body relax, the massage therapist will employ a slower pace with lighter pressure compared to other types of corrective massage; gentle and smooth strokes are used to calm the body.

Relaxation massages have been shown to help to reduce joint stiffness and improve circulation throughout the body, leaving you feeling restored and rejuvenated. Regular massages over the course of two months can also help alleviate pain caused by built up tension in the joints, back and neck.

Other forms of massage work deeper into the muscle and tissue, sometimes causing pain or discomfort but, by employing gentle to medium pressure, the massage therapist ensures they won’t be testing any of your limits in terms of comfort during a relaxation massage.

Relaxation Massage is $45 for half hour, $75 for one hour.

Relaxation massage at Massage @ Migym in Nelson is offered by our experienced team:


Christele Gardys - Massage Therapist in Nelson

Christele Gardys

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Isabelle Eustace - Massage Therapist Nelson Massage at MiGym

Isabelle Eustace

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Kati Mund -relaxation massage therapist in Nelson

Kati Mund

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Kelly Wells - Dip Tuina Massage,  Dip Taiji and Qigong BHSc Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Kelly Wells

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